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Why do people think child abuse causes mental health issues?

I don’t get how getting hit and yelled at damages your brain. People need to accept what has happened to them and move on. It’s over. No need to obsess about it for the next 30 years.

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    Oh, it's very simple. Your brain learns to respond to certain stimuli a certain way. So if a loved one causes you severe physical harm on purpose regularly, your brain begins to associate loved ones with harm. You may begin to avoid intimate relationships, or you may panic in confrontations.

    It's the basis for PTSD. Mental illness can strike anyone under the correct circumstances. Your brain is like any other organ, it's vulnerable to disease.

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    Why do people think child-abuse causes mental health issues??

    because of research and experience by people who are smarter and more qualified than YOU and I, had already made that determination..

    childhood experiences, is in the core of Psychoanalysis laid down by the late Sigmund Freud -who is often referred to as a father of modern psychiatry-..furthermore, Psychoanalysis & Psycho-dynamic therapy, is one of few (non-medication) therapies used by Psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists and other therapists that is very effective with actual real results..

    the P&P therapy (i am just too lazy to keep on typing the full words) often focuses on histories and upbringing, for example: history of loss and trauma, history of abuse or neglect, the current relationship with parents and siblings, and such..

    P&P therapy often focuses on discovery.. for example, digging into the past may provide the roots of the current abnormal behaviour and beliefs.. such discoveries often help patients to overcome their current issues and offer much relief.. for example, a boy who was raised by parents who often abused him and beat him for the simplest things, often push the child to experiment such violent acts on other children at home or at school, and sometimes on small helpless animals.. and this is no-longer a theory, such examples are repeating itself in similar cases - this is why issues of child abuse and bullying at school are such a big deal; because a child could easily bring those beliefs and behaviour into helping people understand the past (how wrong or good they are), we can BEGIN to help those people.. for example, an abusive husband may be adamant on his beliefs that his abuse was justified because this is what father had taught him to be the normal behaviour to his mother and other siblings.. by identifying these triggers, psychiatrists have better chance in reversing such beliefs and behaviors by saying that his father was wrong in his beliefs and in his teachings..

    similarly, a child who cannot find a supporting figure in his/her life, may or will turn anxious or depressed..again, this is not a theory, we see these examples a lot at our clinics and at our hospitals even if you yourself cannot see it - which reminds of a joke that i keep telling people about it..someone asked me in an interview, how often do i see cases of bone-cancers, i answered hundreds everyday!!.. bone-cancers are rare, however at the time, i was in-charge of cancer patients under Orthopaedics at a General Hospital that we sometimes accepted cases from all over the country.. i kept seeing both new and old cases.. sometimes they come-by for the simplest things, for example to leave a thank-you card or to reschedule the next station (at the time) was located in the cancer ward (in oncology) of the General State Hospital that accepted cases from all over the country - so of course i see hundreds of cancer cases a day!! but unfortunately, my statement made its way to a national newspaper, and suddenly people think that bone cancers are as common as the common flu!! what i think are common are rare to everyone else!!

    my colleagues made sure i would never forget about that statement, but it is the lesson that i hope that you would understand..



    Psychiatry is not my specialty, but i have dealt with psychiatric patients in the past (about 1 every 100 patients) who have disclosed some sort of domestic abuse.. such cases are often related to sleep issues, stress, OCD, anxiety GAD and depression MDD..

    from my observation, cases of neglect and child abuse, and other examples of domestic abuse, accelerate and worsen the anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorders. and overall distortion of the world around them..

    all the best..

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    It can and it does. Many times the abuse is much more than you describe.

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    It damages the way you interact with people, like flinching every time somebody talks to you.  Some people DO accept what has happened to them and DO move on, to a liquor bottle.

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    Multi posting SICK troll, same questions, every day. 

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