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What would happen if Germany and Japan won world war 2?

If Japan took over all of asia and Germany took over everything else would Germany then declare war on Japan and take over Asia as well or vice versa. 

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    Most of Asia, Australia, the Pacific and west coast would be conquered by Japan, and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, West Asia, and the East Coast would be under the Germans, there would be no cold war, or terrorism it would be a more well disciplined world. 

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    USSR and Germany would have had an uneasy peace, worse than the cold war between them and USA. This would have probably started WW3 but Germany, now with US resources at it's command would have been likely to beat them. The USSR would then resorted to nuclear weapons with an all out nuclear war following.

    Possibly end of the world.

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    geran haaaaaaaa

  • Zirp
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    2 weeks ago

    Even more would have died

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    2 weeks ago

    Some people say war is fake.

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      You are fake news for believing that people believe that war is fake news.

  • John
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    2 weeks ago

    They would have fought each other next.

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    i'm japanese and ashamed of our alliance with the Nazi Germany but certainly, the nazis could have overcome japan and take it over. i don't think japan should apologise to china or koreas for anything since it has not been determined that the alleged war crimes were committed, but i do think japan should apologise to america for pearl harbor. we should have never interfered in that bloody and without common sense war

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    They would probably start fighting over control of Eastern Russia.  But if both countries got nukes, they would have a detente.

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    Do you know what Google is??????????? Have this poorly formatted answer as a consequence.


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      lol Why does yahoo answers exist then?

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