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Does dead by daylight save based on your psn account? ?

Might be a dumb question but I play dead by daylight on console and I’ve bought some dlc so I’ve invested in this. I’ll probably be getting a new console soon and I’m wondering if my purchases and progress will follow my psn account or if I’ll have to start from scratch? I’d really hate if that were the case cause I’ve spent a decent amount of time progressing on my account on the console I have at the moment. 


I’ll try and make it easier to understand. I don’t know whether or not getting a new ps4 and having to get the game all over again on another  console will reset my progress on my already existing account. 

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    9 months ago

    Yes it does, pretty much all online games do as it makes it easier to transfer between devices and also makes it harder to cheat as you don’t have access to the save data file 

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