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Do you think there would have been a world war 3 by now if it wasn't for nukes?

World war 2 happened just 21 years after the first. It's strange that since world war 2 ended everyone decided to be peaceful for 74 years afterwards.

The only thing I can think of is that because most countries have nuclear weapons everyone is afraid to start a fight in case it ends in human extinction. 

Nukes may have delayed a world war 3 but when WW3 does happen in will REALLY happen and be deadly.

What do you think?

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  • 9 months ago

    World War 3 does not have to start via intent. All they have to do is lose control of the weapons or software, and it will happen with no one authorizing it, or being to blame for the demise. It's really not the same discussion with the onset of internet data. Following WWII, various political groups neatly detailed the necessary human rights conventions that effected distorted legal and economic policies which preceded the holocaust. Sadly, when given a choice, there are still persons who would prefer the power to destroy humanity, than guarantee its freedoms. Defective use of religion is often indicative of a cult. 

  • 9 months ago

    basically the US stationed a half million troops in Europe, that prevented europe from starting another world war.

    Nukes probably helped prevent the US and Sovet union from going to war

    but a nuclear war would have never lead to the extinction of human life on earth, even in the hey day of the 1980's when the nuclear arsnal was at its largest, they calculate only about 33% of earth population would have died from direct effects and the after effects of a full scale nuclear war-- IE: nuclear winter, starvation, diease, etc

    Now a days, the nuclear arsanal is much smaller, so the effects of even a full scale nuclear war would be much less.

    nukes just don't have the power that most people think they do

  • jimmy
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    9 months ago

    Nukes have a lot to do with it. Everyone knows that now North Korea have nukes, the USA can't invade North Korea because South Korea would be sacrificial lambs, and China would probably nuke the USA if they nuked North Korea.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Short answer, Yes no doubt or at least a major conflict like Korean War

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  • 9 months ago

    MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is the best deterrent against global scale war.  

  • 9 months ago

    You think the world has been PEACEFUL since WW II?? Not counting ALL of the proxy wars going on all over the world, did MISS Vietnam and Korea?

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