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Why do idiots think child abuse causes mental health issues?

People need to accept what has happened to them and move on. It’s over. No need to obsess over it for the next 30 years.

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    There are idiots who think child abuse does not cause mental health issues. Child abuse is the cause of many personal issues developed overtime such as depression, aggression, moods and possibly self harm. Anyone who denies this are lying and foolish.

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    namecalling is wrong AND THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN DONE TO nauseum...think of something new.

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    Because it does? You can't just tell someone to simply get over it. 

    Source(s): Current PhD student
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  • Some therapists insist that you talk about it even if you know it wont do any good .. just depends on who you Get ..

    Nd Some people Do Want to talk about it.. others don't .

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