Is there a difference between a gold stainless steel bracelet and a gold plated bracelet?

I have purchased gold plated bracelets in the past and after a few months the gold wears off. I now have a gold stainless steel bracelet and it seems to hold the color. The gold stainless steel is much cheaper. Why buy a gold plated other than to be able to say it is gold?

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  • Laura
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    4 weeks ago
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    There is a difference between something being a gold color and something containing the precious metal gold. 

    Right now you have something that is just a gold color, it isn't made of a special or valuable material.  The metal is all this color, so it can't rub off. 

    Gold plating is when you use electricity to put the special metal gold on the surface of something.  This makes it more valuable because it has actual gold on the surface.  This is just on the surface so it will easily rub off if you don't take proper care of the item.  This is more expensive because it has actual gold in it. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes one is just dipped the other is solid

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  • rob
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    4 weeks ago

    A “gold plated” bracelet should actually have some real gold on it, but as you have found out, not much.

    A “gold colored stainless steel” bracelet is a golden color - but not necessarily made golden with gold. So if it’s not gold they use, but brass or something else, they can make it through and through golden colored, so it won’t wear off. 

    If you like it and it doesn’t make your skin turn green - ENJOY! 

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  • Gold stainless steel doesn't have any gold in it. The chromium content of the alloy is anodised to make it go yellow. It will fade eventually, but it won't peel off.

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