Can t find answers ANYWHERE!! Just want to know HOW HARD to rub gel nails with alcohol, and for HOW MANY minutes or seconds?

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    I assume you are referring to the process of wiping the nails with alcohol to remove the tacky/sticky stuff off of it? If so, soak a cottonball or Q-tip in alcohol and then, with gentle pressure (do not press too hard or you risk damaging the nail; better to err on the side of being gentle even if it means you have to rub for a little longer!), rub the nail with the alcohol until the tacky/sticky feeling is gone and the nail feels smooth. I can't recommend exact minutes/seconds to do this because everyone is different and the most important thing isn't how long you do it - it's that the nail should feel smooth afterward. Good luck!

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