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Father won’t let me live my life?

I have 5 older siblings and I am the youngest one. My father won’t let me do anything on my own. For example, when I bought a car he was mad at me for one week because I didn’t take him with me. He started crying. Also, when I got my BA he started crying on why he didn’t go to college. When I got a house, he got mad at why I didn’t look at homes with him when I am married to an amazing guy. What is the problem? I am happy grown up. Yet, why he won’t allow it? I attend all family get together and never miss why is that not enough for him?

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    you're an adult, dear. BE An adult. Refuse to acknowledge any of your father's games. Live your life and be happy.

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    maybe you should talk to him about it and tell him how it makes you feel

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    He seems to cry a lot.  Why does he cry? I would never say bad things because I don't why he is doing but he needs to know you love him more than life itself but please daddy, "I love you".  But please please let me act like it.

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    Some things I guess you've got to be a parent to understand.

    Parents go through so much for their kids like you wouldn't believe the stuff some put up with just to put a meal on the table in their younger days.

    It wouldn't hurt to ask him though as it seems he loves you very much.

    Good Luck.

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    Haven't heard anything about him not allowing you to live your life. What I do hear is him crying about why you basically cut him out of your life. Why don't you need his advice or talk to him prior to making the big decisions.  I'm sure that ties into how you were raised, who he was at that time that made you turn from him and such.  But that is much different then not allowing you to live your life.

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    He sounds sentimental, is all. I wouldn't take it so personally. Just practice kindness and love your dad. I'm sure he did a lot for you during your life? he just loves you

  • It seems like he's allowing you to do everything you want.  You bought your own car, graduated from college, bought a home and got married.  Usually, when a person denies you the ability to do things, then it means that those things can't get done.

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