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Would this get these girls to stop bothering me?

I am a guy college student that is always short of cash. The only job I could find to fit my hours was at a legal brothel. I maintain their computer system. At first if anyone asked I would tell them what I did. No more. I tell anyone that ask about what I do that it is just a job I do on nights and weekends that pays my way for college. Several women have written letters to the student newspaper claiming I am exploiting women by working at a LEGAL brothel. I make about $15 per hour. The girls at the brothel make 1/2 million a year. Who is being exploited here? If I could find a job that pays more and has flexible hours I would take it but I can’t.

I am sorely tempted to tell the girls that complain about my job in the student newspaper that their boyfriends are one of the brothel’s best customers. I wonder if that would get them off my back.

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    I would certainly not be at all reticent about telling the mouthy girls that one of their BFs was a regular customer. Brothels claim they have a big backlog of employment applications, so I doubt there is much validity to claims of exploitation.

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