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At church last Sunday, our pastor said Paul command women not to teach. That's not true, is it?

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    "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence". (1 Timothy 2:12)

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    It is true. I know people want to jump on that and start yelling, but remember that the gospel was sent to all of the world, and you don't just enter a culture and do things drastically differently from the get-go. Jeshua taught that man and woman are equal in the kingdom of God, however eastern culture has some different ways of doing things. With something as huge as a culture and the thinking that goes with it, it has to be changed gradually. Thus, at that place at that time with those people you don't have a woman teach in the synagogue. There would be an uproar, nobody would hear what she's saying, and she may be beaten or worse. Torah has to be applied differently as times and cultures change to be applicable to them. The Torah as it applied to Moses four thousand years ago to Israelite-Egyptians is obviously not going to look the same in a western culture in 2019, but the principals of torah will still be the same. So yes, two-thousand years ago in the east women were commanded not to teach. In 2019 in the West, there is no issue.

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    No it is not true, there is lot's of mentions of women teaching people the bible and about God. So we know from that women did teach

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    Well that is weird because Paul sounds like an adulterous woman 

    who served a false god first and switched midstream to  better false god 

    anthropomorphized from the first false god and still sleeps with both false gods . 

    Tell that to all the women who love Joyce Myers .

     Pastors say the weirdest things - Once Dr. David Jeremiah said that 

    " Talking Donkeys are evidence of Angels "

    because Balaam's Talking Donkey saw an Angel and if  a Talking Donkey 

    saw an Angel it's the highest validity Angels exist .

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    Paul was a reformed tax collecter, wasn't he? No position to command anyone.

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    “The early liturgies of the Church followed the pattern of the Jewish synagogue, in which women were not permitted to speak. Women could not speak in Jewish synagogues. In other words, while the early Church recognized spiritual gifts in women, they continued the customs of the synagogue in official worship. 

    This current injunction against women speaking does not refer to the exercise of spiritual gifts, but preaching. In other words, preaching and in public worship was done by those commissioned to do so (ordained ministry). i.e men

  • Woman can preach and teach, just not in the congregation as a main Public Discourse. They can have parts in

    Ministry School where we learn to preach and teach publicly and door to door and answer questions during Bible and Book Studies. Women can conduct home Bible studies and as Jesus Christ commanded, to preach publicly and door to door. Even young ones have parts in the Ministry School and answer questions during studies. It's bringing them up in the discipline and regulations of Jehovah God so that when they are trained by it it will not depart from them all their days.

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    That is exactly what the Bible says.  There is no such thing as a "woman pastor".  Not with Jesus Christ.

  • YES. It is in the SCRIPTURES.

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    Paul's words, spirit inspired by God, say that women are not allowed to teach within the congregation.  They cannot take the lead within the congregation.

    Hannah J Paul

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