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What happens when you take uppers after downers?

If you've taken a lot of downers and are feeling relax and sleepy, will taking uppers, example, cocaine, lift you up and bring you to a somewhat functional state?

This is for a short story I'm writing. I don't use drugs.

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    You are most likely to get a heart attack. 

    Edit: it could possibly work for small doses of up and down, but then again you have to be careful about drug interactions. The safest way would be to figure out how the meds are metabolized. For instance, if the drug is excreted through urine, the solution would to be drink more water. Edit 2: You're not exactly counteracting it the way you might be expecting it to... Although Coke may increase awareness and reduce sleepiness... It also increase blood pressure which would have been lower than normal BP due to the muscle relaxers..Excessive change in BP can be very dangerous..Additionally, this could have adverse effects on organs like kidneys and livers... Which is why it is extremely dangerous to take pills with opposite effects Edit 3: For fictional story purposes, I guess you could say that you can snap out it.. Sorry, I didn't notice your edit. 

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      Thank you for taking the time to help me. It's much appreciated. 

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