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Does doing this make me gay?

I am a senior in high school with a female cousin the same age. To say she was beautiful is an understatement. She is gorgeous. She has a figure to die for. She has been my best friend all our lives. We are very close. However she is my cousin so I have NO ROMANTIC interest in her AT ALL. We like to hang out together and have a lot of fun together. She will model her clothes for me and ask if they make her look sexy. I never get a b0ner for her and do not EVER think of her that way.

My buddies who also know her tell me that NO GUY can watch a girl, any girl, that is as hot and sexy as she is and not get a b0ner unless they are gay.

Does me not getting turned on by her mean I am gay?

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    No it would be weird if you got hard over your cousin, doesn't make you gay it makes you normal and not a pervert. Congrats.

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    i dont think so

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    The fact that you have enough sense to realize how immoral it would be to find a relative "sexy" or "hot" and not genuinely catch romantic feelings, speak wonders. Don't let your peers try and convince you that what you know is right isn't. Plus, imo, they sound not only immature, but ill-informed.

    The only way for you to be "gay" is if you were indeed sexually attracted to her. And even then, it's something minor and will most definitely disappear as soon as you find someone with more taste. You're just simply being a friend. Nothing more.

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    The reason you can be "just friends" with your cousin is that same reason that would apply if she were your sister, for example. The word "family" is based on the word "familiar." When you are too familiar with someone, like your cousin, you lose your romantic drive for her.

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  • 3 weeks ago

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    • nanu
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