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What potential Harry Potter spells would give these effect? Can you think of new Harry Potter spells?

1: cause dementia in a target leaving them helpless as a baby and unable to cause harm or care for themselves. Would Oblivio Totalus potentially be the incantation for such a spell?

This has potential to become a fourth unforgivable as it causes much issues for the family of the victim and society as a whole who must now provide total care for the victim.

What kind of incantation or spell could induce sleep in a restless baby? Would a potion work better for this? Would it be more than a 1 or 2 word spell and more of a magic rhyme?

Make a stone come alive?

Make prison bars flexible?

Pull a star from the sky?

Pull a cloud from the sky?

Make a bicycle fly?

Restore a book that was chewed up by a camel?

Make a magic carpet fly?

Make a dark wizard completely disappear or delete their soul from existence?

Resurrect sunken ship?

Turn dark wizard into duck?

Make someone into an amazing singer for 1 hour?

Conjure sled dogs from nothing?

Travel back in time?

Trap a victim in a time loop?

What spells would work for this, can you think of Harry Potter spells that might work for this or what incantation would do the things that I mentioned?


What incantation could be used to pull a comet out of the sky? Potentially a dark wizard targeting the comet impact to cause a tsunami to liberate Azkaban? Dark wizards are not likely to care about collateral damage from the comet.

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    Well, "oblivio totalus" would meet the criteria for a Harry Potter spell, because most Harry Potter spells sound almost as if they're made up of Latin words but when you look at them carefully it turns out they're a grammatically incorrect combination and don't actually make sense in Latin.

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    There are no spells except in novels.

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