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19th Birthday ideas?

I turn 19 in the beginning of December. So less then a month away. I want some ideas for what I should do. I live in a small town so there isn’t much to do  

If it’s snowing and cold what would be some ideas or if it’s not what would be a some ideas 

I feel like it would be lame if I had a party like a sweet 16 bc you know I’m turning 19 

Anything will help 


With a couple friends!

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  • denise
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    2 months ago

    You could call it, your "End of teens party'', Fancy dress maybe, with a 'Early Teens' fashion theme?.

    Perhaps in the church / community hall?, Depending on your budget, why not have the 'food' pot luck style, with the guests contributing a plate / dish for the table.

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