Legal counseling advice (US laws - Alabama or nationwide)?

i'm 17 and i had a strong argument with a teacher at school, he just said "you're a just a spoiled boy", etc. and after that they told my parents they "don't want me back" after the Christmas holidays.

I have two questions, can they do this to me and absolutely nothing to the teacher who was disrespectful toward me? I give a iota about changing school but I'll lose many friends.

Advice appreciated. 

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    9 months ago
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    Sorry bro - you do not provide enough info here to really help you.   In short, YES they can tell you they don't want you back, especially if you are going to a private school.   Public, they may have to formally expel you. 

    YES they can side with the teacher and kick you out (same commet as above).

    Teachers and admin do not take kindly to students arguing with them (beyond healthy academic discourse).   IF the worst the teacher said to you was "you're just a spoiled boy".... then I would say you are being petty, disrespectful and probably need an attitude adjustment BUT like said, not enough info here to say if you were in the wrong or the teacher was.

    Good luck at your new school.  Look at it as an opportunity:  to make new friends and to grow up a little bit more. 

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    9 months ago

    Can they tell you you are spoilt? Yes, Can they tell you to not return? Yes

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Strong argument means you were an asssshole to your teacher!

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