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Which job should I choose in this situation?

So I recently was offered 2 jobs and am wondering which to choose. I was offered an office assistant job at a company that is my first choice but it is only a 1 month contract with possibility of extension paying $23 an hour.  I was also offered another office assistant job at another company that was my second choice but it is a 4 month contract job as an office assistant paying $20 an hour.

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    at the end of the day, the 4 month job is more money and security overall, but that's not necessarily the only factor.

    i would go with whichever one has more opportunity for advancement or a permanent position. you also might be able to leverage wither the length of time or higher wage against the other-- "hey, i like you guys a lot more, but this other place reached out and is offering more money/more time. can you match that?"

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