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who is right for you between Israel and Palestine?

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    Israel .................................................

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    I have considered the "Palestinian" Arab viewpoint, but find that the things they say cannot be verified. 

    "Palestine" is not and never has been, any sovereign state. The "Palestinian" Arabs have autonomy under the Oslo Accords, referred to as: the "Palestinian Territories". Although there is a: "State of Palestine" place-card at the Arab-dominated United Nations, in reality there is no such state.

    The land of Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish People, in addition to the Jewish Scriptures (aka “Old” Testament) it is a matter of recorded history that the Jewish People have had prior sovereign states in the land, for example the Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah (aka Judea), from well before the appearance of the “Palestinian” Arabs:  

    The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege Israeli Jews all came from Europe. Some Jews are returnee-exiles, since the Jewish People have Judean heritage. Yet the Jewish People are indigenous to their ancestral homeland of Israel, with unbroken presence there from Biblical times:

    The Jewish People have not only had unbroken presence in their ancestral homeland of Israel since Biblical times, but also previous sovereign states in the land, for example:

    Map of the post-Biblical Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah (aka Judea) including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital of (what is now EAST) Jerusalem / “Old City”.

    Between 110 BCE / 754 BH and 63 BCE / 706 BH:

    Coins from the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea, can be seen here:

    Israeli sources might consider ceasing to use the term “created” in regard to the Re-establishment of Israel in 1948, since for non-Israelis the term “created” fails make the essential-connection with previous Jewish sovereign states in the land of Israel showing the Jewish People’s roots in their ancestral homeland of Israel.

    The Holocaust speeded up the Return by the Jewish exiles to their homeland, which had already been underway before the second world war.

    Why then do we refer to a return of some Jewish exiles? This is because although there was an unbroken Jewish presence in the land going back to biblical times, Jewish exiles wished to Return to their homeland. The clue is in the name:

    “Jew” refers to the citizens of “Judah” (aka “Judea”) / Israel.

    This return had made worse the anti-Jewish behavior of the Arab people living in the land, who would routinely copy European hatred, by attacking the Jewish population and later opposed the U.N. Partition Plan by civil war, to take ALL the land and expel the Jews:

    This violence increased until it resulted in the Jewish population setting up a defence organisation called the “Haganah” (“The Defence”).

    When protection in the form of limited-defence proved inadequate, the “Ha-Irgun Ha-Tzvai Ha-Leumi be-Eretz Yisrael”, (“The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel”) was established.

    The more the Arabs persisted in attacking the Jewish community, the more defence the previously peaceful Jewish community had to deploy, resulting in a force capable of defending a new state.

    When the Jews restored their state as the “State of Israel” in 1948 (a small area about the size of New Jersey in the U.S., or Wales in the U.K.), this was authorised under the United Nations “Partition Plan” rejected by the "Palestinian" Arabs who made civil war to take ALL the land and expel the Jews. The surrounding Arab countries attacked re-established Israel with the same intention, but the Arabs lost the war.

    The reader can learn about the United Nations Partition Plan, here:

    Once the State of Israel was proclaimed, Arab armies invaded, illegally-occupying those areas which had been proposed for an independent Arab state by the United Nations Partition Plan.

    The “Palestinian” Arabs were opposed to even being called a “People” until the 1960’s:

    There is no evidence of any policy to expel Arabs during the 1948 war.

    Thus as a result of the attack by the Arab nations in 1948, this resulted in an armistice in 1949 which differed in boundary lines from what the Partition Plan would have provided. The most significant effect was that no independent Arab country was established, since those areas were now occupied by Jordan and Egypt.

    (Please see the sources which I have put into the “Sources” area of this answer.)

    The 1967 war brought the West Bank and Gaza Strip under Israeli control from the previous Jordanian and Egyptian illegal-occupation respectively, and as an attempt by Israel at “land for peace” under the Oslo Accords, Israel later granted the Palestinians autonomy for part of the West Bank (40%) and the whole of the Gaza Strip, anticipating further negotiations for a peace treaty.

    Being a grant of autonomy (and not sovereignty), until any peace treaty that may say otherwise, the land remains Israel’s.

    Under the Oslo Accords Israel retains full control of Area C of the West Bank (due to Palestinian breach of the Accords in failing to stop hostile acts - see further below), and in which are the Israeli homes (“settlements”) permitted under the Accords.

    The Oslo Accords do NOT forbid Israel from building homes / “settlements” in Area C of the West Bank:

    Under the Oslo Accords Area C remains under Israeli control because the Palestinians breached the terms of the Accords, by failing to:

    Quote: “... prevent acts of terrorism crime and hostilities ...” (Article XV).

    This is quite clear because:

    1) The “Palestinian Authority“ aka Fatah lost control of Gaza to Hamas, which does not recognise the Oslo Accords, is dedicated to Israel’s destruction, and carries out hostile acts; for example numerous barrages of rockets fired at Israeli cities.

    2) The “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah (funded by the “European Union”) and the “Palestinian Liberation Organization” by Palestinian Law, pay a reward-“pension” for the murder of Israeli Jewish civilians including children.

    While there is just one Israel, there are up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries (e.g. U.N. member states that are also members of the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”), plus the influence of Arab oil money. So, with each member country having one vote the reader may not find it surprising that there have been many anti-Israel United Nations resolutions passed, including those which result in claims that the Jewish “settlements” are “illegal”.

    All the Israeli alleged “illegal" homes aka "settlements”, are on land previously of the Jewish Kingdoms of Judea / Israel, and cannot therefore be logically nor in law be illegal.

    There has never been a sovereign state of “Palestine” upon which the “Palestinian” Arabs could base any claim to the land of Israel. Following the Ottoman Turkish defeat in the First World War, the League of Nations in 1921 resurrecting the name “Palestine” from Roman occupation, authorized a British Mandate, whose inhabitants were known as:

    “Palestinian Jews” / “Palestinian Arabs”. An administrative region, NOT a sovereign state, it was an area that later would be today’s:

    Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories - Please compare the second and third maps down, at:

    The prior Ottoman Turkish empire did not use any such political term as “Palestine”, but rather Ottoman-occupied Judea / Israel was within the Ottoman province of “Syria”:

    The Palestinians make a false-claim to Jerusalem the capital (East Jerusalem aka the “Old City”) of the previous Jewish Kingdoms and of modern-day re-established Israel - See above link for a Map of the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah.

    The "Palestinian" Arab claim to Jerusalem is in reality a Palestinian device for making meaningful peace negotiations impossible.

    I hope this helps.


    Source(s): Additional Sources to which reference is made in my answer: Jordanian illegal-occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem: Egyptian illegal-occupation of Gaza:
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      Further example coins of Jewish Hasmonean sovereign state in the land of Israel, here:

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    Who do you think is right usually, the invader or the invaded ?

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      Map of Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah (aka Judea) including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital of (what is now EAST) Jerusalem / “Old City”.
      Between 110 BCE / 754 BH and 63 BCE / 706 BH:

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    The two sides are pro Israel vs. anti Israel.

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  • The State of Israel was founded on terrorism and is maintained by extreme military force. Without American financial backing, it would not be sustainable. Israel's claim that it has reoccupied its homeland is bogus since most of the Jewish population are Ashkenazim whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the 12th century. Much of the Palestinian population are Bedouin who have been living in the region for at least 5,000 years.

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      The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege Israeli Jews all came from Europe; some Jews being returnee-exiles. Yet the Jewish People are indigenous to their ancestral homeland of Israel, with unbroken presence from Biblical times:

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    Israel...Jesus is coming back, and his home here on earth is in Israel...I would meet him, if I could.

  • Palestine Habibi r/arabfunny

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    Israel all the way, I'm only 17 but I've read enough about the terrorists in order to support Israel

    never forget the footage shown at school of Palestinians dancing on 9/11

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      Contributor alberto wrote: "you americans danced after hiroshima and nagasaki do not forget it": For his falsehood he insults the reader's intelligence by typically-providing: No detail, no objective-sources; zero evidence. Americans celebrated the (following) end of the war.

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