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Is Schiff and Pelosi are trying to Gruberize us to distract from their multiple failures to prove a word of what they say about Trump?

After more than half a dozen tries they haven't done a darn thing to help America or Americans for three years except spew nonsense theories that go up in smoke the moment they're exposed to light?

Maybe that's why they haven't managed to pass even one bill that wasn't complete garbage for three long years?

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    Pelosi and Schiff already believe that their supporters are "Gruberized".

    Last Wednesday, Yahoo News 360 published an article quoting CNN, the Washington Post, and several other liberal news sources claiming that the Democrat masses were to stupid to understand the meaning of "Quid Pro Quo", so on Thursday, Pelosi changed the impeachment charge against President Trump to "Bribery" as they all suggested.......... a word they believe their "useful idiots" can understand.

    “Americans are never going to agree to removing a President from office for engaging in acts described by a Latin term many don't understand or at least would never use.” — Arick Wierson, CNN

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    That would be McConnell holding up the bills. Trumps crimes are obvious. No need to prove them.

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    It sounds like you have already been “gruberized”. You certainly sound like an idiot.

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    I'm interested in what the WITNESSES are saying. As they are not lawyers, they have said that Trump's language during the phone call was "improper." Republicans think that, because these non-lawyers did not name a crime, there is no evidence against Trump. Nancy Pelosi. who is competent to discuss the legal question, HAS named the crime - bribery. 

    The Lt. Col. who testified has expertise in things other 

    than law, such as the effects of Trump's call on national security. 

     Pardon me, but I have to vomit. I'll be back in a minute or two.

    Edit - 

    The bottom-feeder on the committee who insinuated that the decorated war hero is not loyal to the US has shown low he can stoop.

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  • Leo
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    9 months ago

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

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    President Trump wants another tax cut for the American people. Pelosi and Schiff are trying to remove a democratically elected President. 

  • -j.
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    9 months ago

    THere are over 200 bills sitting on Mitch's desk.  Since you apparently know what every single one of them contains, please list them.

    We wouldn't want to think you were full of sh!t or anything.

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    They have tried to impeach the president since his first day in office, this current charade is just the newest iteration of their delusion.  LOL

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