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How to fix 3 outlets not working?

After a noise in the electric panel, they stop working. 2 in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. One in the kitchen is still working?

2-What's the device to use to know util where the electric arrive from the electric panel?

3-Are the 10, 3 x 38 and 10 x 38 32A fuses the same even though the 0,3 difference?

4-How to test fuses?

5-Why did the multimeter blow and stop after i linked it in the Ohms function to an outlet? I changed the fuse but still not working. Any way to test it?

6-How to clean a brown lay in the lavabo, in the WC, in the faiences, etc. Is that clay?

7-How to clean a lay of fat and kind of clay in the linoleum? I passed bleach and it still there. How to glue the linoleum? Is that to the landlord or to us?

8-Can't we use glue over plastic? How to clean glue? I put it over the WC cover and the hole seems to be growing.

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  • 9 months ago

    find a local handyman to sort your issues

  • 9 months ago

    I mean this kindly, but if you are asking so many basic questions about power, you should really call an electrician to properly service your panel.

    It seems there are many unrelated questions grouped here.  Please separate them into individual questions in the future.  You'll get better answers.  Also, you'll get more answers by not posting anonymously.

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