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Do good looking girls show interest in short guys at all....I mean at all?

I wish I was tall, I wonder what it's like to have a girlfriend.  I like video games and sh*t but most girls don't like that.  I think my favorite is Forza, in the game, there is a female voice that says my name, I feel so special lol.  I'm getting older and worried about my parents age.


@oldprof, actually, most short girls don't like short guys either because since short girls are short, they want someone bigger than them for protection.

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    depends on the short guy. You probably will have to compensate for your height TBH, but short guys have gotten attractive girls before

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    Unfortunately there's a belief that shorter guys are smaller. I don't know whether theres a statistic to back that up but l haven't found it to be true. Yes the biggest guy l've had was over 6' but the 2nd biggest was 5'4, the same as me. So provided you aren't small, find some way (subtly!) of letting girls know.

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    I dated a short guy once, but it was not like I purposely sought him out. I was not purposely looking for a short guy to date, it's not high on my list of priorities. we just happened to click, he was a lot of fun to be around and we had several common interests. The reason I broke up with him was not because he was short

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    You do know there are short girls out there too don't you? BTW if you're looking for a girl why the hell do you waste time with video game that "most girls don't like..." You know, I think you're just using being short as an excuse for not addressing the real're afraid of girls.

    Get over it guy. They're afraid of guys too. But great things can happen when a guy and a gal get over their fears and insecurities and find in each other a life partner.

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