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Can hedgehogs be aneroxic?

Mine hasn't eaten in 2 days. Also her poop is green and slimy(i heard that stress can cause that). She has been introduced to a new home for about 4 days now so I thought it was the whole new environment. But im worried if shes sick or stressed. There isn't any veterians that helps hedgehogs in my countrys. So i don't know what to do. But i did smash the food and water together and gives her with a syringe. She refused to eat but i managed to feed a little. Im worry. Help? Please?thanks.

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    Your hedgie has a serious digestive infection, maybe a blockage.

    Needs to be examined by a vet like yesterday, this is a fatal condition.

    Any vet is better than no vet.

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    Sounds more like she has gotten into something, Take the poor think to a VET>

  • Nathan
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    She is sick, and needs a vet. Legally you are required to bring her to a vet for treatment, because it is animal neglect of you don't. If you can't afford this, call a shelter for help. 

    do not feed her food and water mixed together, that will upset her stomach. Is her cage meeting the minimum requirement? 

    There are veterinarians who treat hedgehogs in your country, or they would not be allowed to be sold there. You can return her to wherever you purchased her (you won't get her back) and they can take her to the vet, or you can take her. Often gets that see large animals like dogs also see smaller animals like hedgehogs, but they are considered to be exotic animals so it may cost more.

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    colly rodrez said ye

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