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Getting frustrated 🙄?

3 weeks ago I went and signed the release form for my settlement. I was in a car accident in March of 2018 & they’ve just now settled it. My attorney told me I’d receive my check within 2 weeks.. this Friday makes Week 4 & I still haven’t received it. It won’t be mailed because he said I’d have to come sign for it. I called and he said the insurance company was having trouble printing all the checks & that he’d call me as soon as they got the checks. 

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    First of all the last accident I was in that involved a settlement happened over 40 years ago so things have chanced, but it took over 3 years for that settlement to be resolved. 

    Second  If the settlement gas been reached AND all documents signed you should get the check from your attorney within a month.  I would continue to call the office about the check and if told there are documents you need to sign go to the office ans sign them.

    Source(s): Logic and a small about of experience
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