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HPV question. Ladies only?

okay ladies,

So I get my regularly gyno exam every year and this one came back abnormal. and said further testing for HPV to be done. Now, back in 2013 I got 2 steps of the Gardasil shot that is supposed to protect women and men. Why did I get it if I am or have a possibility of having HPV?. Also, should my husband get vaccinated as well?. Has anyone had this results?.

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    HPV is a virus. There are many many strains of this virus. Viruses mutate and evolve rapidly. That's why we have to get a different flu shot every year, because the virus has changed, and because the strains that are trending may be different than the year before.

    The Gardasil shot is a vaccine that protects against only a few common strains of HPV. There are well over fifty different strains of the virus that exist.

    Vaccines introduce your body to a virus in a safe way that gives your immune system a chance to learn how to defend itself against the new germ. 

    The PAP result that you got means that you probably got exposed to a strain of HPV that you have *not been vaccinated for. It just means it's a different strain that your body wasn't prepared for. IF you have HPV. There are other things that can cause cell changes. HPV is simply well known for being a common cause, not the only cause. That's probably why they want to do further testing.

    As far as getting your husband vaccinated....vaccines prevent, they do not cure. He's probably already been exposed to whatever you have if the two of you have been sexual recently. That being said there's a now a Gardasil shot that protects against nine strains of HPV. I suggest that you discuss it with your doctor and your husband.

    I encourage you to do your own research online to learn as much as you can about PAP smears, about HPV, and about vaccines for HPV.

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    All good questions for your doc

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    The pap smear is what's called a sensitive but not specific test. This means a lot of perfectly healthy women will get an abnormal result, but very few women who actually do have precancerous changes to their cervix will be missed. It does not in any way shape or form mean you have something wrong with you, or that you have HPV. The doctors want you to get the HPV screening just to rule that out.

    With all that said, no vaccine works on 100% of people. That's why in a lot of cases they try to encourage mass vaccinations, so if you are in the unlucky few percent it doesn't work for, then you never encounter that infectious agent and it doesn't matter.

    Your husband should talk with his doctor about whether he should be vaccinated or not. Currently the CDC recommends it for men up to age 26.

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    first of all you should have had three... secondly everyone should get it as nem are the carriers of HPV 16 & 18

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