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How much territory into the Soviet Union did Hitler want ?

Did he plan just to capture Russia all the way up to the Caucasus and just past Moscow or did he plan to go even deeper? 

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    He wanted what was known as European Russia or Western Russia. The area of the Soviet Union from Eastern Europe to the Ural Mountains. The Ural Mountains are also known as the dividing line between Europe and Asia.

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    He mainly wanted the oil fields for gasoline .......................

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    And some puppet states:

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    I think he wanted to take over the entire world

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    Hitler didn't want any part of the Soviet Union and that wasn't his reason for attacking it. 

    Where the Soviet Union was concerned, he simply wanted to extinguish Communism at its source - Moscow. Until he killed off Communism, it would always threaten Europe and the rest of the world.

    It was the spread of Communism that was Stalin's motivation for attacking Germany. They had no interest in the welfare of the Jews (that the Western Allies supposedly were interested in) - why would they - they exterminated more Jews than anything the Germans could be accused of.

    Of course, this land acquisition attempt can be verified by looking at how the Western Allies handed over the entire eastern half of Germany to the Soviet Union after the war.

    When Hitler attacked Poland, they were accused of starting WW2. Yet, when the Soviet Union attacked Poland weeks later in their attempt at a land-grab, they were sanctioned by the Western Allies - apparently, declaring war for that kind of thing only pertained to Germany.

    In the Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin, the areas that Germany wanted were only those areas that once belonged to Germany before the Versailles Treaty where ethnic Germans resided with no protections from the countries they were absorbed into. Stalin, on the other hand, was after it all (again, refer to East Germany after the war).

    What Hitler wanted in his "Plan Ost" was to have a place to move the Jews to out of Germany. Had he been successful, he would have regained those areas from Poland, thereby extending Germany's borders to those limits. The "Ost" part of it pertained to pushing the Jews further east into the Soviet Union.

    Just because he invaded a country doesn't mean he wanted to make it a part of Germany. Czechoslovakia was an example of this. People should educate themselves on what a "protectorate" is because that's what Czechoslovakia was. 

    France was another example - when Hitler conquered France, he never declared it a part of Germany. He even stated that he thought that France was a valuable partner in world trade. He had a great deal of respect for France and its people, just as he did for Britain and the United States.

    Hitler never had anything against those countries - it was they who had something against Germany, and consequently, it was they who threatened Germany, pushing them into a war that Hitler never wanted.

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    According to Führer Directive Nr 21 "The ultimate objective of the operation is to establish a cover against Asiatic Russia from the general line Volga-Archangel."

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    Hitler was a madman that wanted to conquer it all, regrettably and unfortunately my country allied with him during the war and i'm sure the war over in his favour, he would have betrayed us as well. 

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    He didn't want Russia. He wanted the entire USSR.

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