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Is overtime pay sometimes less than time a half?

I just started a new job and if I work overtime than it's less than time and half. Is this legal in California? I'm confused as I've always been paid time and a half in past jobs when I worked overtime.

Thanks in advance.


I am non-exempt employee, paid hourly and my over time pay is only 20% more than my regular pay, which isn't time and a half.  Is this legal?  

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    We don't know the terms you were hired under. They may not have to pay you overtime at all. ASK your employer.

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    Since you didn't provide the industry or your job, it is hard to say.  There is a classification called Independent contractors  who are not considered "employees" that may not receive time and a half for overtime.

    Source(s): Labor relations certification from UC-Davis
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    It is generally time and a half but there are, however, a number of exemptions. An "exemption" means that the overtime law does not apply to a particular classification of employees. There are also a number of exceptions. An "exception" means that overtime is paid to a certain classification of employees on a basis that differs from that stated above.  In other words, an exception is a special rule.

    Tried politely asking your boss?

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    Sign of the times something different to make more money, the employee loses both ways either by complaining or taking a loss. If it is illegal it could always be fought in court and if it is legal it has always been accepted as something people on both sides understood that was the way it is and now it isn't.

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    OT is time and a half. Ask some to explain how they are calculating it.

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    If you are a professional/managerial "exempt" employee, your employer is not required to pay time and a half.  It is up to the employer to pay (or not pay) such people for overtime.

    Also, if you are non-exempt, overtime only kicks in after 40 hours' work.

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      I'm getting less than time and a half, is that legal?  

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