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Do I legally have to?

Do I legally have to keep in contact with my son's "father" in the state of Florida?

 This man doesn't bother to see this child, he'll make all types of excuses, he doesn't financially help, and he has been harassing me. He'll call, text nasty things, email nasty things, and group text me with his other son's mother nasty things. I'm so over it I no longer respond to him or answer his calls. I've already filed a police report. 

I want to know do I legally have to communicate with this narcissist just because we have a child together? 


What can I legally do if anything to get him out of my life? I have no problem with him seeing our son but he always has an excuse, cancels, or says he's going to be late. Should I take him to court and either try to terminate his parental rights (we were never married) or put his visitation on paper?

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    2 weeks ago

    Depends on the terms of the custody agreement. A judge should have already ruled on what you both have to do.

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    No, you have no obligation to reach out to him. Keep documentation of the messages, etc.

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    "Should I take him to court and either try to terminate his parental rights (we were never married) or put his visitation on paper?" - It is rare that a parent loses their rights unless they are proved to be abusive to the child. My sister had to let my nephew see his dad even though the father had charges of dealing drugs with the baby in the home. He had supervised visits every 2 weeks starting from birth. My sister couldn't even go along either! I'd say go to court and get visits on paper. You can request supervised visits but that is a cost to the court or to you and only given in certain situations. Also get child support not for yourself but for your son, he needs to know his dad cared about him enough to help support him.

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    This would depend on lots of things such as he is confirmed as the father by DNA and has court orders on visits and communication? I would say if there is no DNA test to prove he is the father you do this for your son. He has the right to know who the father is. If this man isn't the father then you don't have to worry about this person. But, if he is the father you need to put aside your hate and think of your son. This is no longer about you. You and this man are connected for life by your son. You do what you need to do legally to keep you and your son safe but eventually, you need to understand and accept your son's father and that he has a right to know him no matter how awful he is. Don't forget you pick your child's father, you by choice let him into the most private parts of your body and connected with him in a way that should be saved for marriage because of situations like this.

    You can get a restraining order to keep him from you but he has rights to his son if he is the father. Even if he is a jail he can get visitation. I had a friend who had to allow a stranger to take her baby son to jail once a month so he could visit his dad. He is 50% this man's child. Nothing can keep this man from his son except death or if he signs away his rights, but that will likely not happen.

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