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How do I deal with a narcissistic person who puts me down daily!?

So firstly I have very low self esteem due to my childhood. My mum always told me I was ****, dumb, no one will like me ect so when anyone tells me anything I believe it straight away! 

Girl I work with tells me I am a **** worker, lazy ect and it’s really starting to affect me because  I straight away take it as truth even though the rest of the people I work with don’t believe this and I know I work hard and am definitely not **** at my job otherwise I wouldn’t have a job. Why evening catering knowing this I still wonder if what she is saying is the truth. She even told me that No one will care if I die once :( what do I do to not let others affect me so much. This happens in my relationships to! I let guys treat me poorly coz I don’t believe I am worthy of anything else :(

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  • 9 months ago

    DO NOT DATE. AT least not until you mentally sort yourself out. How old are you? Really, its only going to improve once you get away from your family.

  • 9 months ago

    I know it's easier said than done,but you really have to try to rise above it,people only put others down either because they are jealous of them or because they have low self esteem themselves,your mother sounds very cruel but her words doesn't have to effect the rest of your life.

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