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How can I be happy?

I lost on friend because I'm bipolar and my depression. I lost someone else because she was jealous I had more friends than her. I was dumb and made some dumb decisions.I tried to commit suicide and was self harming.  My parents are getting a divorce. I'm chronically ill and it might end up with surgery or something. I'm being bullied by everyone. I have maybe 10 friend's and 5 don't even go to my school.Can anyone help?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I have Bi-Polar 1 with mania and I find ways of being happy.  Don't worry about what you cannot control.  Things happen to good people and I suspect you are.  Your parent's divorce is not a reason to give up.  MAKE the holidays special by talking to someone.  Work in a soup kitchen,  wish others a good year and a happy holiday season and you too.  Blessings friend.

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