Are there any women who were not presented with a ring when their boyfriend proposed?  ?

When my husband proposed, he waited for me to say yes, then he took me to a shop to choose a ring.  We  would have thought it  presumptuous that I'd sat yes if presented with a ring.  If men do this, is it only when the woman has hinted she'd like to get married?


Thanks to everyone who answered. There are so many questions about having a ring ready when proposing, and stories of it being done that way - I wondered if I was considered the norm.

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    I was offered no ring at the proposal, which was fine with big deal. In fact, there never was an engagement ring at all. We ended up choosing matching wedding bands and that was that.  I think its better to not be presented with an engagement ring, its better to choose one of your own preference instead.

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    My wife proposed to me in 1966, way before women's lib. She did not have a ring for me. Her parents were from the old country so I had to ask her parents permission. and she still wanted an engagement ring. I loved her and we were married for 52 yrs when she passed away, so I guess everything turned out OK.

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    I met my wife one summer afternoon in 1954, it was love at first sight and later on that day I proposed and she accepted. It was three months later before I managed to buy a ring and we married a month after that. it lasted 56 years and she passed away in 2010 aged 76.

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      I would have happily done twice 56 years if it were at all possible. Sorry you never had longer GB, Cheers.

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  • Linda
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes and I was presented with a ring but it was assumed we would marry and we did but divorced and I remarried someone who waited for me to pick out my own ring.

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    3 weeks ago

    My husband and I discussed marriage for years before actually doing it.  He never officially proposed to me - we agreed that marriage was something we both wanted.  We didn't have much money so he traded a few things for a used engagement ring.

    I think too many people have seen movies and think they should make a surprise proposal, which is a sign that the relationship may be doomed.

  • In
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    Although this didn't apply in my case, I have always felt like the plain wedding band should be presented for the engagement and the more ornate engagement ring at the wedding ceremony.  Why spend thousands of dollars for a big diamond when she might say no?  You generally can't return it, and the next candidate will not appreciate getting another woman's ring.

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    me. we knew we would get married after 1 month of dating after we moved in together, so getting official paper was just official matter. we bought me a ring when returning from food shopping trip - I saw a nice size ring in the shop window and said I liked it, so we went and bought. this is how I do all my shopping - when I see smth in the window I buy it, I hate browsing through stores

  • K8
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    3 weeks ago

    We discussed getting married, there was no proposal. I let him know I did not want an engagement ring.  Jewelry is not at all my thing, I would not have wanted to wear an engagement ring, it would get in the way.  We picked out two very simple wedding bands, white gold.  That was over 32 years ago.

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    My wife and I did the same thing. We discussed it beforehand. There was no need for her to hint that she wanted to get married.

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