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Is a Toyota still good if it has high mileage (200,000+) or no?

I've heard Toyotas are best for reliability

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    It can still be good if it has been well maintained and Toyotas (older ones in particular) tend to hold up pretty well even without the best maintenance. Still, you want to try to find one that has been cared for and/or has service records. I bought a 1999 Camry with 192K miles on it November of 2016 for $2,000 to cut back on the miles I was putting on my 2014 Honda Accord Sport with a 70 mile, one way commute to work. It is my daily driver and I'm the 3rd owner. The car now has 275k miles on the odometer as I type this. Outside of routine maintenance, I've had to replace the front axles and the starter since I've owned it. That's it. 83K miles in three years and I've spent around $1,200 in maintenance and repairs. My  Accord is now paid off, but that was 2 months car payments. If you choose this route, like any used car (regardless of age or mileage), make sure to have it inspected first by a mechanic or it could be your worst nightmare. 

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    i would not buy that to drive everyday because all cars will wear out eventually. If i am 100% sure the car has never been in an accident and has been well maintained, all the fluids and serviceable parts replaced at correct intervals....then i might consider it if its cheap enough.

    But yes, several parts like the tie rods,  struts, control arms and ball joints tend to wear out naturally at that mileage. and since i always buy OEM parts, i would spend too much money maintaining a car that is falling apart from old age. 

    Its true, toyota is strong and reliable... but no car is strong enough to defeat old age and high mileage unless it has a filthy rich owner

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    It depends on how it was taken care of - or not taken care of. That is a lot of miles and I would not consider buying that one. Toyotas are quite reliable, but they do not heal injuries like animals do. Things will wear out and need replacing.

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