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What’s a cheap way to travel in California?

(I live in Alaska public transportation isn’t a big thing up here we all drive our own cars) 

I’m going on vacation to California, my friend and I want to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles at one point. Do you have busses that go that far or what would other options besides driving be?

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    Public transportation is pretty terrible everywhere in the US - even in the big cities, compared to what it's like elsewhere. In Northern and Western Europe, Korea and Japan, it's infinitely better. In the US, the car is king. You can get around in California without a car if you're just talking about traveling from Point A to Point B, but once you get to wherever you're going, it's going to be rough without having access to a car. You could opt to take a bus, it's really cheap - the fare is about $20 per person, but be prepared to spend more than 12 hours in transit. You could also book a flight. A one-way ticket would run you around $60 and the flight is only an hour and a half - that option sounds way better than taking a bus. But what are you going to do in L.A. for any extended period of time without a car? You won't need one in San Francisco. But you might want to consider renting one if you're going to be in L.A. for more than a few days, and you'll definitely need one if you two want to do any sightseeing or puttering around the city. L.A. is really spread out. Even by the standards of somebody who lives in Alaska, it's not the type of place where you can really do anything without a car.   

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      I've only been to Alaska once - three years ago I was in Juneau for 5 days. I wasn't particularly impressed with the city itself, but the scenery was breathtaking.  

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    I would say the cheapest would be to swim, you could eat fish for food and drink the ocean water, you could sleep on your back like otters do 

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    Greyhound exists here, but TBH one of the reasons California is shedding productive residents is because nothing here is "cheap".

  • Have you ever seen the movie "Forrest Gump"?

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    I've seen a Greyhound bus going from Los Angeles to San Francisco; I assume they have one in the other direction as well.

    Amtrak's Coast Starlight train stops in Oakland (near San Francisco) and Los Angeles.

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    Fly to LA or San Francisco for about $150/ticket. It's too far to take a bus and the bus wouldn't save you any money. When you get to San Francisco you definitely won't need a car.

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    Google says that Greyhound San Francisco to Los Angeles is $19.

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    San Francisco to Los Angeles can be traveled by plane, train, rental car, or bus.

    Bus lines

    To go Amtrak train, you connect by bus to Oakland or Emeryville and train down to LA

    Depending upon baggage and final location in the LA area, plus day and time of day, some airfares are very inexpensive, starting at about $55.

    Although a busfare is less, it can be a long ride.

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    You've got 3 choices

    - Drive to Vancouver and ride on the Greyhound to San Francisco.

    -Book a flight.

    -Drive to California.

    Which one should it be?

    Have a safe journey.

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