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    I did. Then I looked down  and saw I was fat and slow and decided to just eat a sandwich and stay home.

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  • Kathy
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  • 9 months ago

    No, I was more interested in baseball than football at that age.

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  • 9 months ago

    NFL is a professional football league.

    I have never played football in my life simply because I was underweight.

  • Bob
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    9 months ago

    No I have not and I don't know anyone that did,I did however work with a guy that supposedly  had a tryout with the San Diego Chargers

  • 9 months ago

    I've only ever heard of one free tryout... and this was like in the '70s.

    I still love sports and I'm still good at it... but I'm also 37 AND know so much more about the sport than I did when I was a younger man.

    At a local soccer rental facility a "league" was hosting open tryouts according to a poster.

    I thought about it very briefly (2015).

    Sports is the only thing I was ever good at... although I'm only 5'6".

    Mind you there are several players in NFL that are my height, although they're all runningbacks and are like 190 lbs. of pure muscle, whereas I (these days) am a feeble and brittle 130ish.

    I probably wouldn't pass a physical anyway... but back during say my 20's I might've stood a chance.

    They made a movie about the Eagles hosting free tryouts but I don't think there has ever been one since and that was a LONG time ago.

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