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Is the whole mtf transgender twitch muscle related issue with women's sports prove that women's sports are a waste of time to begin with?

With the exception of gymnastics, figure skating, horseback riding / equestrian, dance, synchronized swimming (not promoting that for anyone), and professional driving where this is not an issue? Also that other activity in the Olympics where they fly the ribbons which is based more on finesse than anything else?

I personally don't find most sports entertaining, I have physical problems and I don't play any sports myself, but if I'm going to watch any sport in my own spare time, I would rather watch a physically superior sub-species rather than a less capable or afflicted one just because of what they look like (that's degrading) because other than watching it for what they look like (one again, that's degrading), it doesn't make any sense to support and watch them over watching the physically superior sub-species instead every single time. It just doesn't make any sense except for degrading reasons that most PC / "civil" people (the types who are normally into women's sports) would have a hard time saying in public let alone at a female sporting event.

I am however, completely in favor of women playing sports recreationally in there own time like they used to.

BQ : How come when it's discovered that females have a biological advantage over males in a male dominated sport, there legitimacy to compete with males is unquestioned if not celebrated but when it's discovered males or mtf transgenders have a biological advantage there's negative media coverage all over the place.


Why waste all that precious metal making rewards for female athletes when they can be used for currency?

Update 2:

My point is that I would actually rather be a spectator of mtf transgenders playing sports than a natural-born female because they are still physically superior.

Update 3:

Then you're an idiot. And I'm told that my logic is flawed? They are destroying your so-called "avenue" because they are physically superior to you. End of discussion. It's a waste of time for me and anyone who is not playing women's sports professionally and getting paid for it to have to sit through it and waste their life looking for entertainment and competition that isn't there or is just inferior to the men's variation.

Update 4:

I love how 3rd wave feminists consider themselves conservative because the conservatives defend gender dimorphism from a modern politically correct standpoint and everything that's wrong with it including women and thinking they are unique and special just because they are women. They are only critical of it because that is how they are trained to think right now. In the 1980's, they would laugh at the idea of women's sports being taken seriously by anyone. Even most democrats would oppose it.

Update 5:

It still doesn't make any sense for these women to get paid as professionals and wasting all this attention and funding when they are getting paid for being of the female sex 1st and for being somewhat decent athletes compared to the best male athletes 2nd. The entire existence of women's sports is inherently sexist just for the reasons it exists.

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    Women's sports were created out of an acknowledgement that when it comes to athletic ability, males and females are not equal in most areas.   Having separate, easier leagues for females allows women to compete, when they never would make the cuts if they had to equally compete against males. 

    The problem is feminists then turn around and act as if men's sports and women's sports are equal, when again, they were created out of an acknowledgement they are not equal.   What many also miss, is that many "men's" leagues do allow women, but women simply can't compete well if at all in these leagues.  

    In the end, fans can watch whatever sports they want for whatever reason they want.  

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    Depends on what you watch these sports for. I can appreciate the sheer athleticism of an Adam Rippon on the ice but he'll never have the grace of Sasha Cohen. I likewise enjoy the incredible tumbling of male gymnasts but can also appreciate the balletic craftsmanship females bring to their version of the sport. But when you get into things like the NBA vs. the WNBA I'd rather watch the guys. So I guess it all comes down to why you're watching sports and which sports you're watching.

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    They're not a waste of time FOR WOMEN. I do play sports though not at an elite level. I do watch sports professionally, including women's. They've been more helpful to me than any therapy or medication.

    I hate that these MRAs in drag are going to destroy another avenue women had to express themselves.

    BQ: when did that ever happen? Women are still banned from F1, and discouraged from other "macho sports" (these aren't even sports) like sniping, scuba diving, and flying planes where they have a physical advantage.

    I don't see enough negative media coverage of transwomen, I see fawning praise of obvious cheating and calls to violence against women. Granted we probably run in different circles. This is what's in all the mainstream and lefty news and social media. The conservative press is more critical.

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    You have touched on the concept of "handicapped" competition vs open competition.  Now we give honour to the "WINNER" of some event.  But if they were luckily born with better genes they may not have worked as hard or been as deserving as someone who started with a lot less but did more with what they had.

    So who should we give credit to?  Dividing sports into male and female does not address the issue because a female that is most closely a male is likely to win.  Hence the various sex tests over the years.  Yet you still have some women who are solider than most men and are permitted to compete against other women.  Recently there has been the fuss that if we permit men, who identify as women, to BE women elsewhere then isn't it discriminatory to stop them competing as women in sport.  But if that is permitted then every nation will put forward men who pose as women for the sole purpose of gaining medals and that would be the complete end of all women's sport as a vehicle for women.

    In essence while there is too much credit given to winning then there will always be people and nations prepared to cheat to win.  Using any possible mechanism that they can get away with.  Women's sport is just one small part of this total mess.

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    Wow, talk about a flawed logic. If you did pursue a sport and had aspirations of possibly receiving a scholarship for college or a medal in the Olympics, I guarantee you would not be saying what I think you are saying. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but that doesn't make it factually accurate in the least bit.

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