4th grade Math?



*I know the answers just don’t know how to find which one does not belong.

Update 2:

McGraw Hill Chapter 5 Multiply with Two-Digit Numbers

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    The answer will be found in the context of the 

    book which the problem appears in.

    All four multiplications are valid as shown.

    The first: 15×22 = 30×11 = 330 is a multiple of

    ten (3×11×10).

    The second: 28×45 = 14×90 = 1,260 is also a

    multiple of ten (2×7×9×10)

    The third: 18×37 = 9×74 = 666 is not a

    multille of ten.

    The fourth: 25×66 = 50×33 = 100×16.5 = 16,500

    is a multiple ten (10×10×16.5).

    This is the only obvious difference, but it might 

    not be the correct answer.

    Update with the title of the Chapter the problem 

    comes from for a better answer.

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    See work and answers below

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  • Use a calculator 

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    Sorry, but I only made it thru 3rd grade

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