Buying land from a Builder?

I live in Poinciana, Florida. The land at the back of my house was bought by a builder company. They cleared and marked the land, but they haven't started construction yet. We contacted the previous owner from the beginning when we moved 3 years ago but there wasn't any reply. 3 months ago the previous owner contacted us offering the land but we didn't have the money ($10,000). Then we got the money but it was too late. They sold it to a builder. (I know who the builder is). The question is if I still some how, some miracusly way can do something, anything to try to buy the land from the builder. What could be the approach and what could I offer? This house is going to be build diagonally and the driveway is next to my house (That's the only way it can be access to).



I also wonder what is the builder's profit from a $170,000 house.

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    2 weeks ago
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    He is going to probably want a nice profit on the land if he is willing to sell it to you at all. He may have paid property taxes and he may expect to make $30k+ on the house.

    But if he does not plan to build for a few years, he might be willing to flip it for a 50% profit. Ask him.

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    in Europe if someone has a plan to build on a land they put a poster with the name of the company, the name of the person responsible for the project and the phone number on the property. they do it in all European countries. if u anyhow find the contact info of that builder company they will not sell u the land for 10 k. the price will be much, much, much higher 

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    2 weeks ago

    Depends.  If they have a contract to build a house on that lot, they can't sell it to you without being in breach of contact with the person who paid them to build the house.

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    2 weeks ago

    You contact the builder and ask if it's for sale.

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