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Where do pinworms/threadworms come from?

I've been reading up but all I can find is "they their eggs around the anus" but surely they don't always live there or a person would always be infected. Where would someone pick up a pinworm infection? 

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    Some believe they came from monkeys or chimpanzees 

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    Nope, that's literally the only place they live. They make your butt itchy at night, so you scratch and get eggs under your fingernails and you spread it by touching other people's food without washing your hands or you reinfect yourself by putting your hand in or around your mouth.

    Their principal host is humans, they don't live anywhere else but in someone's butt. People mostly get it from children, because they don't wash their hands and always have their hands on their butts or their mouths.

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    pork, and other scavengers....

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    Pinworm eggs are passed from person to person in all manner of ways. Kids with pinworms scratch their butts and collect the eggs under their fingernails which they then transfer to someone else. The eggs can be transferred on clothing, towels, furniture, sheets, etc.

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