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Dream about my crush drinking after me?

I had a dream that I had fixed myself a cup of hot chocolate and later I noticed my crush drinking it. I jokingly remarked, “Hey, that’s mine!” But I continued to let him drink it. What could this symbolize in waking life?

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    You felt as if he stole something special from you.  Chocolate milk must be something you like and enjoy. He crossed your boundaries, and that is why you couldn't give him this drink. He took you for granted. Sometimes we are too close to the subject and that leads us to wonder what all of this is about.  I'd make him toe the line for awhile, and see how he reacts to that!  

  • 2 weeks ago

    1- Hot chocolate in a dream= To dream of hot chocolate represents a person or situation that makes you feel that you don't have to worry about something you think is a problem. It may also reflect encouragement or sympathy during a tough time. Alternatively, hot chocolate may be a sign that someone has taken care of your problem for you

    2- Dreaming of drinking hot chocolate – If you dreamed of drinking hot chocolate, that dream usually isn't a bad sign. It often signals coming of a period of problems and challenges which won't last long. After overcoming these challenges, you might expect a period of happiness and satisfaction in your life.

    So, combining these two symbols- I would probably say it means you have a crush on this guy, but are frustrated, because both he hasn't made a move, and you are too insecure to ask him out. 

    That would be my educated guess.

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