Why do you think Charlie (SATANIC) kirk still likes to call himself a BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN.?

I have just seen Charlie kirk take the side of a person who engages in homosexual behaviour by telling a real bible believing Christian at TPUSA that everyone should be like KIRK and be happy with two adults doing things together as along as both consent to that behaviour but he still disagrees with Abortion because of the bible. does kirk agree with two adults that happen to be brother and sister behaving in a similar way, as long as they both agree. I think some of these fools show their true colours on what the bible really says compared to what they believe and they pretend to be real bible believing Christians but all they really care about is making using people to make money.


I think I should have added every time someone sees Carlie Kirk in future should say ALLAH be with you because he might as well believe in the QURAN and there are a lot of wealthy Arabs in the world.

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  • Jake
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    A person can battle the devil and his demons using the rosary and fasting.

  • 3 weeks ago

    if he believes in the bible i would reject you labeling him as "satanic". however if there is a satanic infiltration of course the would recite the bible. Jesus said do as "they" say. not as they do.

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