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Dog asked in PetsDogs · 2 weeks ago

Is my dog aggressive? Does he need more training?

My dog got into some trash that my grandma accidentally left on the floor in the other room, and my dog attacked it! I thought that he had gotten into my medicine, but it was really the calzone we ate yesterday, and I put my finger in his mouth to take out whatever it was, and he wouldn't let it go until I screamed! He has never done this before, where he holds on to the bite. The only 1 time he really bit me was again when he had food in his mouth, and he bit me hard and I bled, without me putting my finger in his mouth. Should I get him more training for this behavior? He also jumps up on the table and tries stealing our napkins and food from our plates and I don't know what to do for him to stop that too! He's 4 years old, and a beagle/chi/pek/pit bull mix! Thanks!


I did take him to a trainer last year and she solved the pulling on the leash, but not really the stealing of food. Waste of money!

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  • Maxi
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    2 weeks ago

    "more training" Clearly this dog has had no training at all and untrained dogs are badly behaved...sounds like it is also food aggressive and has an owner who hasn't a clue!

  • Jojo
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    2 weeks ago

    Yes, he needs more training but he also needs an owner who is more assertive with more leadership skills, as dogs who respect their owner as leader, do NOT challenge them over food or try and steal it from their table. Your dog has been allowed to get away with bad behaviour for far too long. End of. 

  • Eva
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    2 weeks ago

    Obviously you've never taught your dog the "no" command. There are lots of videos on you tube to show you how. You will need to put a collar and leash on your dog and fasten the leash to something. Put a treat just out of reach and when he lunges for it, tell him "NO!" Once he stops lunging for the treat and quiets down, you give him the treat. You have to repeat this over and over until he doesn't try to get the treat at all and waits for you to give it to him. Once he does this well when restrained, then start doing it with him off the leash. This may be enough to stop his table surfing as well.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Certainly needs to be trained to keep off the table and that stealing food is not ok.

    Useful to train to leave/give choose the word you feel best. Can be used for any situation where you want whatever is in their mouth to be out of their mouth. Could be a toy, a bait, a small animal. ... this can be a life saving command.

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