Was it rude for me to say shut up to my parents even if they are constantly nagging?

They are still annoyed about me saving up for a switch just for smash ultimate. Well the game library is now 2 games (smash and sword/shield) Sword/Shield was my bday gift. Everytime I bring it up to play they are like "YOu have the PS4, why would you want a switch." At one point i told them to shut up and leave it to me. In the end it's my money not theirs. I was just so annoyed with their nagging. They should be proud I managed to find summer work and learn how to balance savings.

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yeah, pretty rude. You should instead try to be reasonable and tell them how you feel about the way they talk with you. Even if, if all they ask is "why you want a switch," there's no reason whatsoever to respond the way you did. Also ayy Smash U who do you want to main for smash?

  • 3 weeks ago

    Very rude.

    You could explain that not all games are playable on the PS4.  So in order to play the other games, you have to get the system that the games can be played on.

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