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Have you ever had a really bad dining experience?

What happened when you went out to the restaurant? 

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  • Sparky
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    2 weeks ago
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    I ordered a T-Bone steak with BBQ sauce.

    They brought out a piece of meat (nothing like I've ever seen before and did not have a T shaped bone in it).  It tasted funny and I couldn't eat it.  I honestly think it might have been dog / cat / horse or something.

    The BBQ sauce was a milk jug of warmed up, watered down, Soy Sauce.

    I think it's the only time I ever couldn't eat a meal.

    I don't know what it was, but it certainly wasn't what I ordered.

  • 2 days ago

    To be honest, I really had a very amazing dining experience recently at Dragonfly Experience, Aerocity. 

    As the name suggests, Dragonfly experience is a dragonfly themed dining and the most rocking destinations at Aerocity which has created a lot of 'buzz' as well!Mouthwatering Asian appetisers, innovative and sparkling cocktails, fusion desserts, peppy/colourful décor and energetic vibes makes Dragonfly Experience one of the most GRAND and instagrammable places in the capital.I personally enjoyed having avocado and baby spinach salad, Tai chi crispy chicken, chicken chilli oil dimsums, Truffle mango sushi and in desserts Tartare of fruit & homemade artisan eggless ice cream - both were to die for!Cocktails like Shinigami and Lust were smooth and well-presented.

  • 6 days ago

    I was attracted to food

  • 1 week ago

    I don’t get to eat out much. Maybe once every few years. Last year I went out with family to a nearly empty restaurant. Yet every table was dirty. They cleaned one off and seated us though I was already apprehensive. It was us and three other tables. The staff were on their phones hanging behind us. Finally 30 minutes in one comes to take our order. They said they were only making one thing that night. Odd for the type of place it was but we said okay there isn’t another restaurant around here so that’s fine. Our order gets put in (chicken strips and corn on the Cobb was our only option by the way)

     An hour later the table beside us leave when no one would take their order. At a total of 1 1/2 hours of being there we finally get drinks when the waitress finally was done with her phone call to “honey” where they were talking very inappropriately and the manager just laughed at the lewdness. The family with small kids weren’t happy. 2 hours in we wanted to leave but had been driving all day and were hungry. At this point I was even still waiting for a straw I had asked for 30 minutes ago. So I get up and go to the back and get my own and it’s where you have to pass the kitchen. A cook was back there seeming pissed and I said I think that’s my food. He said well come take it because  “they sure as hell aren’t showing up!” I took cold food to the table. We all ate and I was the one that would get up and get refills at the station that the staff were sitting across from just laughing and making dirty jokes. I get having fun and joking around and so we weren’t mad or anything just annoyed because we needed to get back on the road. There were two tables and 6 servers and one manager just cutting it up with unprofessional jokes. And they’d actually move for me when I’d go get our refills.  Luckily we were enjoying each other’s company enough to stick around long enough to eat and pay. But we didn’t even know our waitresses name. So we tipped low, just under 15% ( though some in our group said we should have tipped nothing.) then after nearly four hours we are leaving. We are getting into the car parked in front of the window where our booth had been and the waitress runs over there for her tip. She sees it and runs out side and I **** you not she actually starts screaming at us for being lousy tippers. I told her we normally tip 20% or more however the only time we saw you was when you threw our drinks down and ran off. I wanted to tip the cook for being nice but knew anything I left wouldn’t go to him so you get what I gave. 

    I get tipping I really do, i waitressed for a long time but even I say if you don’t see us or hell if you end up doing all the work yourself at a sit down restaurant than you shouldn’t tip us.  Sorry not sorry

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  • 2 weeks ago

    I got played 😒. I've been messaging (or at least trying to) this dude for a little while and was interested about meeting them in person. So, after being cancelled on TWICE, I gave him another chance for the final straw. Now, to be fair, I have an old school way of "dating", so instead of choosing a less crowded, less fun and exclusive spot, I do the opposite, like going to a restaurant.

    Anyways, we finally agreed to meet up somewhere that's around the corner from me, dude says he'll be on the way. Okay, I wait a while before calling Lyft. Once the driver pulled up, we (the driver) started talking about where I was going and why I stopped going to college, which really pumped me up for the meeting. Fast forward, to actually getting to the destination. I was greeted by the hostess and she asked how many, to which I replied with, "Two." Biggest mistake of my life! I sat down in a spot where kitchen was faced towards, so I could easily the servers, managers, and appliances. After waiting for my server to appear, they asked if he would like anything before he arrived, and I said no, but that I'd like some water.

    I started to feel worrisome and anxious because I don't think my mind was completely convinced of what just happened, so I called him and he said that he was in a car accident. Mind you, I didn't really care if he got hurt, I just wanted to know how long it was going to be until he got here. In hindsight, I should've asked him to send me a pic, but I took his word for it.

    I wanna say not too long after that, I gave up and decided to order for myself. I figured that I wouldn't let this trip go too far into waste and ordered me a platter of ribs, mashed potatoes, softened baked bread, veggies, sweet cornbread, and a drink to go. I think in between me eating, I started noticing not only others, but my server was staring hard at me in awe that I got stood up and was telling everyone else about it, which I can't blame 'em. After I finished eating, they gave me my bill and apologized to me for my "date" not showing up and instead of catching the hint, I replied saying, "No, it's okay. They were in an accident, so that's why they couldn't make it." Like, could I be anymore embarrassing and face palm worthy?

    So, I called my dad to pick me up since I didn't have enough for a ride back and I basically got nagged and scolded for his actions. But tell me why this loser had the audacity to text me not too long from that day if I could come over his place and that he was "sorry"? Within that year, I didn't want to attempt to date guys ever again.

    • Sofrea2 weeks agoReport

      I'm careful who I get into contact with. If I feel that they're meaningless, I'll block 'em. I never dealt with a shady dude until then.

  • Bob
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    2 weeks ago

    No I have never had what I would call a really bad dining experience, the worst thing I have experienced is really slow or very inattentive service,like when you have to ask the server 3 times for something.

  • 2 weeks ago

    yup i often experience such thing mainly due to bad taste of food.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Spilled drinks, wrong orders once in a while. Nothing terrible.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    We're  Vietnamese and a waiter told us once to speak ENglish and that our Ianguage was offensive and eventuaIIy caIIed us N-word and told us to get out

    • Sofrea2 weeks agoReport

      I'm surprised you didn't squabble. Probably because of their laws and rulings?

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