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Should I go to the same college as my ex girlfriend?

So I’ve gotten accepted to 4 of my top choices and I’m trying to weigh all of the pros and cons for each of them equally. The school that’s closest and is the most convenient for my family (financially and distance wise) just so happens to be the same school my ex goes to. The school is pretty large, but I’m worried that my feelings will come back just because I know my ex goes there and I may not be able to feel free or start fresh. We didn’t really leave on bad terms but not on good ones either. Any advice?

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    The likely hood that you will even run into her is slim. Pick the college you want to go to and ignore everything else. In the event you do run into her (which i doubt), then pretend you didn't see her unless she says hi. If you don't want to be with someone, then don't. She isn't a vampire, and she isn't going to compel you to be with her despite the fact you don't want to.

    Make new friends, focus on your studies and you'll be fine.

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    That was never your girlfriend I was.

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    Where you from mate

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