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Does boiling or baking walnuts seem to make them more edible? What plant toxins do they contain other than juglone? They seem to be ?

Great boiled with some rice or something, or baked in food, but eating them as is, out of the bag, sort of seems harsh to my stomach, though edible, but I just don't feel like eating them. Could it have anything to do with not being fresh off of the tree? I know some ppl recommend soaking nuts overnight, to reduce tannins. I've only tried a few times. Not sure if it had any impact 


Meant to add tannins to toxins. I don't ever see acorns sold around here, but indigenous people soak acorns to reduce tannins. And then I've seen raw food enthusiasts discussing soaking nuts overnight a lot.

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    Try putting them on a cloth / tea towel in a single layer, fold the cloth over and give the walnuts a good rub. This will hope fully remove most of the 'skins' as they tend to be rather 'bitter'. Chopped walnuts are good set into fudge or in a 'date & walnut' loaf / cake, where they will loose the 'harsh' taste.

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    I buy raw almonds and toast them a pound at a time. They seem easier to eat and digest when they are freshly roasted. I give them 10 minutes in an air fryer at 450°. Toasting the walnuts might make them crisp and yummy.

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    the harshness might be from the fiber in them. I bet you eat far more when eating them out of a bag than you would when cooked or baked in foods.

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