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Is it wrong he doesn't like PDA in public?

Before our second date, guy asked if I would greet him with a hug and kiss. I said hug for sure. Then on the date, we made out a bit but I didn't want to have sex until we are officially BF/GF. He also interlocked hands with me in the theaters. Then for the third date, we met at the mall but he texted beforehand that he doesn't want to do PDA/hold hands in the public. Why would he text me that rather telling me in person? My reply to him was that it's hurtful and to let's just move on. He then asked what do I mean because he didn't say anything wrong. He said he wants to wait until we are officially a couple to hold hands in public. We then just hung out at the mall for some hours and he also invited me to go on a trip with him for Christmas break. He even asked me to "bring friends that are a couple as well'. So....has he decided to become more serious with me? Was it wrong to almost "dump" him because he doesn't want PDA so soon?

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    I think your instincts are right.  This guy is acting very strangely.  He got you to hug him (Presumably publicly), was happy to make out, then doesn't want to hold hands?  Huh?  Then he's talking about going on holiday with you before asking if you want to be his GF, even though he knows you don't want to have sex unless you are officially a couple.

    I could understand a shy guy wanting to move slowly and not wanting PDAs until you've dated a while, but a shy guy wouldn't be trying to get you on holiday so fast, nor would he be happy to make out on a first date...

    I'm seeing all kinds of weird flags, here.  I think you should proceed with caution, if at all.  This guy is sending incredibly mixed signals and I strongly doubt he has good intentions.

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