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Is this a symptom of steatohepatitis?

I went for a blood test for liver function that resulted in mild liver inflammation but the doctor reviewed my file and it didn't say it was related to alcohol but maybe related to fatty liver. Months later I go for a liver ultrasound and my liver was normal and my liver enzymes were normal. I even read online that to treat steatohepatitis you should excerise avoid alcohol or limit how much alcohol you drink but do you think I had a symptom of steatohepatitis? I still need to see my doctor and ask her

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    I’m assuming your tests showed elevated liver enzymes which are seen in fatty liver, hepatitis cirrhosis to name a few. But they can also be elevated after a viral illness or in people who take a lot of acetaminophen. If your enzymes dropped on their own it’s likely you had recently had a virus or you took Tylenol in days before test.

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