Can stirrup ankle braces get wet ( w salt water ), also is hot glue allowed?

Recently, I purchased a stirrup ankle brace, due to ankle instibility ( bone or ligament would pop out of place every so often while walking, in addition to that, I realize that the issue would escalate on uneven surface., I know what you guys are thinking and yelling to me, .... " well since that I know it s not good for me, why don t I GET OFF!!! - , but truth be told, it s not that simple, because my day to day employment consists of me walking on such ground ( it s of an environmental nature - cleaning and clearing up the beach front and water courses I. e. rivers of unsightly materails ( leaves, bamboo and whatever else may happen to be spotted, so anyway I have to journey across this river each day, and I m concerned that if it gets wet it wouldn t be beneficial anymore.

..... also

the padding on the underside of the stirrup is shifting, can I use hot glue to stick it in place?, if not what s a good adhesive.

P.S. Due to the shifting, the actual stirrup would rub up again my ankles, and dig into the side of my foot, causing me soreness and pain

N.B. Was born with a curved foot, and it s that ankle that s causing me such grieve.

Thanking you in advance for your comments and feedback

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