Under car lighting?

Taking the legality issue aside for the moment,  here's my question.

I've installed 2 led bars underneath my car for safety (very low car) but the remote operates a module. The module has a short cable which has an ir reciever at the end. My issue is that in order for the lights to work, does the ir reciever have to see the remote, and if so, how is that going to work if the unit is in the boot? 

Any help on this would be great. I've researched the hell out of this by the way and as long as I stick to blue and on the sides only, I'm legal.

Thanks so much.

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    4 weeks ago
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    infrared (IR) requires line of site (or a reflection).

    it would be far better to wire them through the car to a switch inside the vehicle, such as in the dash. there are many guides to do this on YouTube, but i do not know if you can use an IR LED to do it.

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    Very simple:

    Extend the wires for the IR receiver so that it can be placed in a convenient location.

    It would work if the wires were hundreds of feet long, so don't worry about distance.

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    An IR receiver must see light from the remote. You need a radio receiver.

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