Does an 80th percentile score on the SAT mean I am at least kind of intelligent if I didn't study AT ALL and didn't prepare?


I mean I know I should have studied but I didn't ok.

Update 2:

But you know considering how many people do study for the test, and considering how this should effect the percentiles?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Yes.  You're more intelligent and better prepared for the SAT than about 80% of everyone else who took the test that season.  Congratulations.

    Now study and prepare and take the test again to get the 99th percentile you know you're capable of.

    • Logan3 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for not crushing my soul lmao

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, BUT while it can help to review math for the SAT,  otherwise, there's no way to study for it. The reading and vocabulary parts are based on how much reading you've been doing all your life, and what reading comprehension skills you have. You can't develop those with a short term study program. And there are too many vocabulary words in English to predict which are going to be on the test. Your vocabulary size is, again, the result of the amount of reading you've done all your life. 

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