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None of my family or friends whished me happy birthday?

Hey, so I'm 29 today its not a big thing i know but I'm pretty shocked at who's actually shown how much they care. My mother was only one who text me today and wanted to see me. I have 3 friends, 8 family members including siblings. I'm not gonna cry about who didn't text or call me but if you're claim to be a close friend or that you love me, the obvious action is to show it :/ its made me honestly question some relationships with ones that are usually one sided in general. Am I exagreating? Or is the really something i should be pissed about? Thanks

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    This is terrible :( Happy 29th birthday!!! There is absolutely no excuse for not wishing you a great day. If they'd made you enough of a priority, they would definitely make time for you. I think you're at the age that you're now starting to see who's really there for you and their level of love and you're noticing this. You're not selfish for wanting some love on you're special day. I agree with above, start evaluating friendships first and see if they're even real. Family though you shouldn't be easily cutting them out for something like this. Blood is different. Hope you have a lovely fay xoxox

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    Happy Birthday!

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    I understand how hurt you feel, but sometimes people have other things happening in their lives and they forget to remember birthdays, anniversaries etc Don’t stop celebrating others birthdays, and be thankful that your mother remembered yours. Happy Birthday to you from a fellow Yahoo poster.

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      I understand, thank you for comment <3

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    For real??? Disown them all. This is your day and this day IS about you. Do not be scared of being vocal about not getting any birthday wishes, because people will just treat you as tho you're a person that underestimates your self value and they will treat you like that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :) 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Just ask a big rock star like Marilyn Manson to wish you happy birthday

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