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How Long Must A Jew Wait Between Meat And Milk ?

So I have decided to go kosher for a week so I can feel how jews live with such strict food laws. Now I am used to eating Pizzas and Cheese Burgers so I know I can't have them. But things get harder when I can't eat cheese fries with a non-cheese ham burger. Now I just ate macaroni and cheese. So how long do I have to wait before I can eat some meat item ?

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    Some Reform Jews eat chicken or turkey at any time, because there's no possibility of "seething a kid in its mother's milk" (one of the abominable customs of the non-Jews among whom the ancient Hebrews lived).

    But foods like beef Stroganoff, cheeseburgers, chicken fried in butter, or even ice cream after a turkey dinner are definitely not permitted in many Jewish families.

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    Six hours...........

  • Cammie
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    Do your research before you begin.

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    There are two schools of thought here, both are respected.  The first is that time must pass between eating the two, and the space of 6 hours was enough to agree with this rule. The second argues that milk and meat must not be eaten in 'the same meal' and therefore one must only wait until the next meal - which to some, means merely clearing the table. 

    Since most Orthodox Sephardi Jews consider the Shulchan Aruch authoritative, they regard its suggestion of waiting six hours mandatory. Ashkenazi Jews, however, have various customs. Orthodox Jews of Eastern European background usually wait for six hours

    It has traditionally been considered less problematic to eat dairy products before meat, on the assumption that dairy products leave neither fatty residue in the throat, nor fragments between the teeth. Many 20th century Orthodox rabbis say that washing the mouth out between eating dairy and meat is sufficient. Some argue that there should also be recitation of a closing blessing before the meat is eaten and others view this as unnecessary.[ Ashkenazi Jews following kabbalistic traditions, based on the Zohar, additionally ensure that about half an hour passes after consuming dairy produce before eating meat.

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    1 hour for Dutch Jews, 3 hours for German Jews, and 6 hours for Polish Jews.  But many people who  are Reform don't follow the kashrut laws at all.  Case in point:  in Israel, there are very few "kosher restaurants".  Oh, and the waits are from drinking milk after eating meat.  There is no waiting period at all when first having dairy, then having meat.

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